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hahaha, this is awesome dude, everything I saw that you had finished so far looks great.. you did a pretty badass job capturing the voice we were tryna get across.. but it looks awesome man, even if you don't finish it, it's nice to know the track inspired you to do some art of your own.. keep it up!

Brad from Reroomed

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Brad representing Reroomed since Keith lost both eyes and hands in The Great Fire.. I dig all music, but I find electronic based music to be specifically interesting.. I've always been fascinated in the synthesized sounds that come outta this genre.. The first guy I heard that used that seductive, raspy moog sound was RJD2 and the first guy I gave respect to for it was Pendulum.. However, I think you've outdone yourself with these insane time switches and rhythm patterns.. I wanna hump them, but I'm sure Newgrounds has something in their terms and conditions that prevent me from it..

Keep it up dude, the music world needs the expansion of creativity.

P.S. Just wondering, even though I know it's taboo in some states and selected countries, but if you don't mind, I'd like to know what program or hardware you used for this piece. I use everything I get my hands on and I've always wondered how honkies got their hands on the certain sounds they were looking for. Just a thought.


PERVOK responds:

First off, you write too much ;) Haha, just kiddin'. I used Reason 3.0 for this piece, and sadly... only a few custom samples. I would have used a lot more, but I was at a lacking... I made a bunch more now, and my tracks are sounding much better. My internet has been sent to hell and back for the past few days (no internet... sigh...) but I'll be submitting the pieces of music I've been working on for the time I had no net :O

Thanks for the long review! I really appreciate it :D

oh lord

I wanna have sex with it.. Oh, this is Brad from Reroomed.. I just found out Keith got an iPhone, so fuck that guy.. But that milky clarinet soothed my nerves pal..

Push comes to shove, I just realized I haven't been on here lately, and I like what Newgrounds did to the place.. But that is neither here nor there.

So, I am wondering.. I don't know much about this Kenny Dorham feller.. Is that you? Or a friend of yours? Or just a sick musician/composer? Regardless, I'm feelin it bro, so keep it up.. I'm glad to see it as one of the best tracks on this beeyotch.. It deserves it. One love.. well, maybe more than just one. I don't really know what that means.


wonderful track selection

Brad from Reroomed speaking. Or typing. I didn't want to get into a giant review about this, because I'm not a classical artist, however, I did want to shake your digital hand. "Zelda's Lullaby" is one of my favorites from the game, and you pulled those variations off smoothe. Nice work bro! We did a little rendition of the fairy theme you might want to check out (not suitable for all ages). But keep up the music! (Do you see how that turned into a much longer review? I need to get Keith to start doing some of this stuff.. I am definately still typing.)

I suppose it's high time to do this.. This is Brad & Keith.. This is what we do.. We are Reroomed because we were roommates once and we did that shit again.. Hence the pre and suffix applied to the root word "room".. Get the hell over it Dennis. Rodman.

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